Everything serves the project, and everything opens the way for the project.

On May 9th, in the weaving workshop of Fujian Youxi Dongfang Xinwei Textile Technology Co., Ltd., a provincial key project, 99 weft knitting machines were fully equipped for uninterrupted production, and 3 production lines could produce 10 tons of clothing fabrics per day.
East Xinwei Textile Project is located in Chengnan Park, Youxi County Economic Development Zone, with a total investment of 380 million yuan, and will build 30 garment fabric production lines. After the project is fully put into production, the annual output value will reach 1.2 billion yuan. In less than 10 months, East Xinwei has completed the construction of a workshop of 18,000 square meters for texturing and weaving. Up to now, it has completed an investment of more than 170 million yuan.

The rapid advancement of East Xinwei project is a microcosm of Youxi County’s major projects to lead the development of industrial clusters. Only in the Chengnan Park of the Economic Development Zone, there are 9 key projects in provinces and cities under construction, with a total investment of 6.08 billion yuan. Behind the boom in project construction is the fruitful result of Youxi County’s efforts to advance the construction of the project. This year, 28 projects in Youxi have been included in the provincial and municipal key projects, and 308 projects have been included in the “five batches” projects.

Everything serves the project, and everything opens the way for the project. Youxi County’s industry and information, power supply, taxation and other departments have carried out in-depth “visiting enterprises, solving problems, and promoting ‘six stability’” service activities. A total of 145 “five difficulties” problems have been collected, involving 85 enterprises, and 118 of which have been solved. item.

At present, various departments at all levels in Youxi County have made great efforts to promote the construction of key projects. In order to solve the problem of electricity consumption in the construction of East Xinwei project, State Grid Youxi County Power Supply Company added outgoing lines from the 110kV Xingming substation, and built a new 10kV line with 960 meters of cables connected to the East Xinwei power distribution room. , to provide power security for enterprises, and the next step will also help enterprises to increase power consumption.

In order to hedge the impact of the epidemic on the economy, Youxi County seized the opportunity of early approval and the first batch of declarations for local government special bonds, and made declarations for new central investment reserve projects. Stream speed.

Post time: Jun-08-2022