Solve problems on the front line and focus on breakthroughs.

Solve problems on the front line and focus on breakthroughs. Youxi County focuses on the pain points and difficulties in the construction of enterprise development projects, adheres to the front-line work method, and promotes the speed and efficiency of project construction.

In Fujian East Xinwei Textile Technology Co., Ltd., the staff of the County Development and Reform Bureau is having a discussion with the person in charge of the company to guide the enterprise to apply for the regulation work. A brief symposium exchange to solve the pressing problems of the enterprise.

East Xinwei Textile Project is located in Chengnan Park of Youxi Economic Development Zone. It is a key provincial construction project with a total investment of 380 million yuan. It belongs to the project that was introduced, constructed and put into production in that year. Due to the short construction time, enterprises have accumulated a lot of problems in the registration application and development. Yang Gen, deputy director of the County Development and Reform Bureau, said that in the next 100-day work in the county, it is necessary to strengthen responsibility, go to the front line in a timely manner, understand and sort out some problems existing in enterprises or projects, and form ledger management. Immediately study the problems that have been sorted out, do it immediately, and forcefully break through the problems.

Everything revolves around tackling, and everything revolves around tackling. In recent days, our county has set off a wave of “hundred-day attacking fortifications” in an all-round way. Officials of the government have settled down at the grassroots level and penetrated into the front line, focusing on urban development and construction, transportation infrastructure, industrial projects and park platforms, and rural revitalization. The project solves problems and promotes high-quality economic development. The county’s urban “five difficulties” governance and rectification, urban infrastructure construction, poverty alleviation, rural revitalization demonstration and establishment, industrial platform construction, cultivating enterprise regulations, and Puyan Expressway (Xinyang Section) construction and other specific work accelerated. Up to now, the county has 277 “five batches” projects in the library, including 98 new projects this year; 28 provincial and municipal key projects have completed an investment of 1.949 billion yuan this year, accounting for 74.81% of the annual plan. 8.14 percentage points.

Post time: Jun-08-2022